April 29, 2011

My Dream Wedding

A Tacori Girl's Wedding

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With the British Royal Wedding of the 21st century in full swing and with viewers glued to their T.V. screens for most of the day; it got me thinking what do I want my wedding to be like? Well for starters taking a cue from the royal family, luxury and elegance come to mind. Although I am still young to wed, I would like to think that just like Kate Middleton, every girl has dreamed of what they would wear and the color scheme and hair style of their wedding since they were 5 or 10 which ever comes first. I personally have an obsession with the color pink, (might be the fact that mom dressed me in bright colors and pink dresses since I was 5). So its only natural for me to want bright pinks and purples as my chosen color scheme, right down to the shoes and flowers. Next is the dress. I always see myself as wearing a lace very fitted wedding gown. Its my affinity for all things classic and elegant, and wanting to look like Grace Kelly, plus my mom wore a fitted lace dress to her wedding and if she looked good at my age getting married, then I think I will look good too when the time comes. I have to its genetic. And as for that atmosphere everything has to be pretty, elegant, girly classy, and lots and lots of dessert anything with chocolate is a must for a girl like me. What do you guys envision for your dream wedding and what did you think of the Royal Wedding of our lifetime.

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