August 30, 2011

Le Fave's: August Favorites

Well these are my Top 8 Songs for the Month of August. These songs have been on Re-PPP- Peat all summer long. Why eight songs you say? Well, because August is the last month in the Summer Solstice and its also the eighth month of the year. So hope you enjoy. And I hope some of these artists and songs have made it to your top favorites list.
1. I picked Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan as my number one hit of the summer because its been playing all the time here where I live on the air waves and on T.V. Its a catchy tune and one you can listen to, to get you ready for G.N.O. (a girls night out).
2. For my number two pick its a oldie but a goodie. Ms. J.LO is making a comeback y'all, and I love it. I have been a Fan of Ms. Lopez since her beginning. I just love this song, great pick me up when you need a boost. I think she made a great choice by having this song be her new debut into the music scene after her divorce to Mr. Anthony.
3. Never been a fan of Mr. Mark Anthony, but I got a say the same goes for Mark as it did for Ms. Lopez. This is a great come back song from his divorce to show the world "Baby I still Got it".
4. Love the setting of this song, the beach makes it very beautiful and romantic. Also I love the fact that J.LO goes back to her dancing roots here as well as her Latino heritage with the Mayan Pyramid.
5. I just had to add this song, as its recorded in the wonderful beaches of Vlore, Albania. So had  to give a shout-out to the homeland. Also its a catchy tune, even if I don't know the meaning to the words. Hey who says you have to understand the song/lyrics in order to like the music. Don't really love all the girls in their bikini's shaking their thang, but what can you do. That's showbiz for ya.
6. I picked this song because I love Katy Perry and this reminds me of my teens. I was a dork (Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks) in High School I would like to think (I don't know if my friends would agree with me on this). Although the video is of the 80's time period, I think American High School Parties in one way or another look like this. This video gave a fun insight into what it would have been to attend all those high school parties thrown during my teens.
7. I love Selena and this is about the cutest love song in the history of love songs.
8. This has been played millions of times on T.V. here and its a funny video in my opinion, love the beach in this video.
XOXO Angie

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