April 29, 2012

Royal Wedding for Less

For this post I am going to recapture and recreate the wedding attire from the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William of Wales from a year ago in that memorable day of April 2011. So for starters lets start with Princess Kate. Above I tried to create her look for the affordable bride. I like what she wore to the ceremony as well as the reception. She was classic and timeless. What every bride should be on her wedding day. I for once love anything lace so her dress was a knockout. Although my Look 4 Less is not down to a tee they are similar and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So let's break it down: The dress to the left is a Taffeta, A-line and Sweetheart Neckline, Bridal Dress with beading around the waist which is similar to Kate's reception dress. It's US $ 164 and can be purchased here: Dress to the left
The dress to the right that I chose I think is better than Princess Kate's not that I did not like what she wore, its just I like the cheaper version that I found as it is less fuller than the original and doesn't have the long sleeves. I like to be able to move and dance and 3/4 length sleeves are a bit more comfortable and breezy. The dress to the right is a Lace Mermaid and  Deep V-neck style Wedding Dress for US $ 265. 
I found a similar shrug to Kate's on Etsy that is US $ 90 and a faux fur bolero jacket. As far as the accessories go they are not that shabby and in my version totally affordable: The blue sapphire ring that belonged to the Late Princess Diana is only US $ 40 for a look alike. Kate Middleton inspired earrings on Amazon are only US $ 11.50  and the Ivory slingback sandals are 28 GB pound which is US $ 44.
Now sadly no bride will be as lucky as Kate was to wear her Majesties the Queens Royal Tiara. But we can go for something that is lest costly and still looks like a million bucks. So I found a Silver wave diamante & pearl comb at Debenhams for 20 GB pounds which is US $ 32.
For the make-up I went for a pinkish coral lip color and a Stilla Cosmetics baked blush/bronzer duo to get that sun-kissed and flushed bridal look.
The Total cost of this Royal Look 4 Less excluding the makeup is: US $ 646. That is not bad for an overall bridal look (2 dresses, a pair of shoes, and accessories). You get all of that for the price of what it would cost to buy most wedding dresses and certainly way less than Princess Catherine's Alexander McQueen's Masterful creation.
So as usual let me know what you think in the comments.

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