August 29, 2012

Varsity Maxi Fall Look

Varsity Maxi

Pink shirt

Great Plains maxi skirt
$95 -

Wedge bootie

Hey everyone long time no see. Or should I say long time no post or typing. LOL. Well I have been quite literally over my head with a lot of personal things and with school starting its been crazy needless to say. By far this has been the worst summer ever!! Getting an allergic reaction to a polluted sea/beach not pretty and hard to get rid off in this sty-filing heat. Plus I think its been the hottest summer in Albania since I have been here for the past 2 years. So enough about that; since Fall is just around the corner for most of you I thought I would post something that would inspire you guys. I love everything maxi, I mean its breezy in the summer (maxi dress/skirt) but warm in the fall/winter when layered with tights underneath. I am so going to stock up on these babies once end of summer sales start over here (end of September is officially end of summer for the Albanian population). I was a cheerleader back in the day and I love Letterman jackets (it just screams-popular) even though I wasn't. I wasn't popular but not a complete loser either, I was rather in the middle (friends with both sides of the high-school social pyramid). Wedges...what can I say about them, I love them for their comfort and added height in all I actually own only two pairs of wedges (1 pair of boots and 1 pair of sandals). And lastly I love breezy and roomy sweaters especially in the color pink. I am a pink addict. Well hope your school season is off to a  good start and hope fall brings to you many fashion blessings.
Let me know what you guys are looking forward to this fall and whether you like these long posts or shorter ones. I got to learn to shorten things up.  Have a nice day.


  1. Very cute outfit with the varsity jacket! I just coincidently bought a baseball jacket, and am having a hard time deciding how to wear it, so thanks for the inspiration! Also, sorry you aren't having a good summer. Hang in there, I'm sure things will get better soon ;)

    1. I am very happy that you like the outfit. I am also glad I could inspire your next outfit and probably a colorful one too. You rock them rainbow colors. No biggie summer comes and goes, plus things are looking up for me for now. :)Its all GOOD (say that last sentence like Jim Carry in Bruce Almighty and I guarantee you'll laugh).


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