March 3, 2013

Guess Girl Perfume

Guess Girl

Guess Girl by confectionarystyle featuring guess

Hello my peeporinoes!! (Does that sound weird, to you guys ?) I totally, made that word up (peeps+pepperonis). I have been drinking to much coffee, this past week. That explains, the made up words. Although, I am a MASTER at word creation. Just ask my parents. Wait, you can't ask them. 
Anywhosies, there I go again, with the word creation. :P
Well, I was inspired by the new fragrance by GUESS. Guess Girl, represents the essence of most girls; and that is pure girlishness. I mean, even the bottle is totally adorable and so girly. So basically, I played the look of, of the bottles design and the perfume description.
Exciting. Bold. Sexy. Playful. Guess Girl makes an entrance with a burst of vibrant fruits--raspberry nectar, melon and bergamot mist. The flirtation continues with exotic and rare flowers--Brazilian Paradise Orchid, Acacia Flower and Lily. Creamy woods and vanilla tease the senses, leaving an irresistible and unforgettable impression.
  • Top Notes: Raspberry Nectar, Melon and Bergamot Mist
  • Mid Notes: Brazilian Paradise Orchid, Acacia Flower and Lily
  • Dry down: Skin Musk, Natural Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
 I mean, look at all those wonderful smells. And what type of thing, describes a girly girl, better than flowers. Since, there are so many flowers in this fragrance, I decided to go for a floral dress; being that its Spring and all that jazz. Plus, the playfulness of the sweetheart neckline and length of the dress, adds to the girly vibe. The floral scarf ain't to bad either. 

Then, I decided that a peplum blazer, would be perfect to make this outfit, a bit more age appropriate and more womanly (aka: sexy part of the fragrance). I am in love with the oxford shoe (whether it be flat or heeled version). There is just something so classy and chic, about a woman in a beautiful dress and classic shoes; from years gone by. I added that beautiful purse in red, to play of the red flowers in the dress. And then some beautiful statement jewels, in a mint/jade green, to really make it POP. Now, go on girls and make that perfume shine. 

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