October 15, 2011

Looks 4 Less: Duchess Fashion (Kate Middleton)

Like any girl out there I have always wanted to be a Princess. In particular the future wife of Prince William or Harry (since William is taken obviously Harry is the next best choice). ;) With that in mind, as a little girl and now as a young woman, I idolized the Late Lady Diana (or in my heart and in the eyes of many Princess Diana the Queen of Hearts). Although I was born in the 90's and did not have the privilege of watching Charles and Diana's Wedding, nonetheless I still marveled at her great fashion sense. So much so that now I love here daughter in laws taste in apparel. So I have created a few looks inspired by Duchess Catherine's and Prince Williams diplomatic trip abroad to Canada this past July. So if you want to dress like Kate, then this guide is for you. Let's get started.
Casual Duchess

For this look I tried to re-create Kate's look above as close as possible. I love how the Duchess dressed very casually, like the girl next door but was still pulled together with the Blazer and dressy flowy top. Overall my version of the look cost $ 256.99 USD. The only thing that put me over was the DKNY belt which is $102. 23 USD. But I still think that that;s pretty good considering all the thinks you get in this look.
Sailor Kate

This next look is one of my favorites and let me tell you I have a lot of favorites. I love how simple and chic this look is. Kate is dressed in a nautical theme but that's not border line costumey. I would love to have that exact dress she is wearing, but I have a feeling that its probably way out of my budget. So in this look I thought I would do a shirt and skirt combo with nautical detailing. My look costs $ 227.05 USD. Like I said for an overall look that's not bad and you still get to look like a Princess.
Going Green

This next look would not be my style per say, but it would be very elegant for a dinner party not a tree planting event. Needless to say that for this look I hit the nail right in the head but I did not stay in a look for less price range for this look the total is $ 2,684.07 USD. Yeah that's one big price tag but for the sake of the look we'll let this one slide right? The only thing that threw me over in this look is the necklace which I used to recreate the collar of Kate's dress.
Rockin Purple

This is another one of my favorite looks. Its the perfect concert look (something you would wear to see Michael Buble not Britney Spears). The color is beautiful and a deep purple is a royal color therefore the Queen would approve. I love how after a concert you could so take this look out on the town for a night of dancing and cocktails, not that the Prince and Princess would do that. This look including accessories is drum roll please (drumming sound) $ 169.41 USD. My cheapest Look for Less thus far in this post. That's the price of one dress from Kate's favorite designer Issa.
Ohh Canada!!

And here we ago again another favorite look. I just adore this outfit to death. I mean look at it how can you not. Sure my creation is more along the lines what a teen would wear to a homecoming dance or what a girly girl would wear on a date. But this is also a great way like Kate did to show Canadian Pride. Once again for the purpose of the look this is not a look that's friendly on the wallet. My recreation is $ 2,373.13 USD. That's a doozie.
Royal Blues

I love the lace royal blue dress on the Duchess of Cambridge. It was really hard trying to re-create this look. So I took more of modern and fun spin (something someone in their late teens or early twenties like me would wear to party with friends). I kept the color scheme the same. The overall look costs $ 281.36. Not bad if you ask me.
Kate Style

Since this post is rather long, lets wrap this up shall we. For the finishing look I just created something based of Kate's general everyday style prior to marring Prince William. This is something I would totally wear for a brunch or for school, its very put together and still comfortable my kind of style.
So to recap the key things to look for if you want to look like Kate is focus on classic pieces. Look for streamlined sheath or wrap dresses, lots of cardigans, flats, and simple heels in basic colors like black and nude, flowy blouses, and dark wash jeans, and rich colors like blues and purples and reds.
Well hope you enjoyed this post, any thoughts or comments leave them down below.

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