October 31, 2011

Holidays Past: April thru October

Like anyone out there, I love celebrating. What I mean by that is, any excuse for a holiday, wedding or birthday I am game for. So, I bring to you the Holidays of April-October. I chose these months because I started my blog in April and I cant believe its been seven months since I started my blog (a couple of more months and it will be a year of blogging; wow).  Well with that said lets get on with the show. First up April:
I started my blog on April 8th, so I started with the holidays after that day.

Some of the Holidays I chose to feature for the month of April. 
April 12: Ram Navami (Hindu holiday).
April 18: Passover (Jewish holiday).
April 27: Administrative Professionals Day
April as a Month is Humor Month. (Hahah. Get it.)
I would like to point out that I chose one holiday from each week of the months I am going to list (starting with the first day of the week- Monday). I did this because it would be to long of a post to list every possible holiday for the past seven months. If you would like to learn more about the holidays featured feel free to Google them or look at the calenders provided and there you will find even more holidays than I chose to feature. Regardless of your faith or whether you celebrate any of these holidays big or small. Nonetheless they are holidays and should be acknowledged and I am acknowledging them here. Hope you appreciate my efforts.
May is one of my favorite months. One because of Mothers Day where we thank our lovely mothers for everything they have done for us. And two because of Memorial Day where we thank the men and women who fight for freedom and remember those that lost their lives in the process.
May 2: Brother's and Sisters Day (I have a sister if you were wondering).
May 13: Frog Jumping Day (That sounds fun).
May 23: World Turtle Day
May 30: Memorial Day (USA) [I participated in my city's local parade when I was in middle school].
All of May: May Flowers Month
That's it for the Spring months next up Summer (June, July and August my favorite time of the year- next to Christmas and my birthday of course).
Yay. Schools OUT and my Birthday's IN.
June 3: National Doughnut Day (USA)
June 7: Shavuot (Jewish holiday).
June 14: Flag Day (USA).
All of June is Summer Time. (What time is it? Summer time, its our vacation. What time is it? Party time. Schools out scream and shout. High School Musical 2 reference yo. )
Next up wonderful and hot MISS JULY. LOL.
July seems chuck full of holidays. But I will focus on a few.
July 1: Canada Day (Canadian Independence).
July 4: Fourth of July (USA Independence Day).
July 11: Cheer Up Day
July 18: Hug Week
July 26: Aunt and Uncle Day
All of July is July Flowers month.
Next August that truly comes in like a GUST. It's the one month out of the whole summer that comes in and goes out before you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
August has lots of Holidays too, but I will try to focus on a few.
August 1: Girlfriend's Day (I love all my friends, they mean the world to me).
August 9: Send an e-mail Day (Who need's a specific day to send e-mails in today's world we send e-mails 24/7 365. )
August 15: Independence Day India
August 22: Janmashtami (Hindu Holiday)
August 30: Hari Raya (Islamic Holiday)
August is also HUG month. Therefore I give you all of my readers a virtual hug wherever you are in the world.
Lovely September Morning is next. (I love September. One school starts and after 3 months of summer you kind of need school to start as your bored out of your mind and two the crisp fall air is in the AIR. :)
I don't know why in this collage I did the holidays out of order. Oh well what can you do. Right?
September 1: Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu Holiday)
September 5: Labor Day (USA)
September 12: Happy Moon Festival (Chinese Holiday)
September 23: Chocolate Day (Yes a day all about Chocolate sign me up. Yummy, yummy in my tummy.)
September 28: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish Holiday)
And last but not least October Fest.
Yes time to bring out the costumes my little monsters. (Lady Gaga reference). I am on a roll with these references today.
October 1: National Day China
October 3: Durga Puja
October 10: Canadian Thanksgiving
October 25: Say "Hey" Day
October 31: All Hallows Eve (in other word Halloween-costume time).
All of October Navratri Month.
And with that I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and time with their families where ever you are in the world. I also hope everyone had a nice and fun and spooktacular Halloween this past week. Sadly I did not have the privilege that I did as a child growing up in the States to dress up in a costume and go trick or treating (even though I am not a child anymore-that's the best part of Halloween; the CANDY and FREE candy at that. Am I right or am I Right?) {Wait's patiently for answer. Crickets chripiing.} Yeah I am right. I am always right.
Disclaimer: http://www.123greetings.com/ Did not pay me or sponsor me to do this post. This post is done out of my own free will and has my own personal opinions. I chose their website because I use their cards for sending greeting to my friends all the time and they are cute cards come on look at them, you cant resist can you.
Photos taken from http://www.123greetings.com/
This post is no way meant to be religious, it just so happened that a lot of religious holidays were between the Months of April-October. Its meant to be a fun fact like post and to help broaden your horizons about other cultures. I personally learned a lot. The fact that each month is known for more than Easter, Halloween, Mothers Day, etc, there's other holidays worth celebrating.

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