April 15, 2012

A Century of Remembrance: The RMS Titanic

A Century of RMS Titanic
Wow it has been 100 years ago today that the most famous ocean liner in the history of the world sank to the depths of the cold Atlantic Ocean. I, like many, LOVE the story of the creation of the RMS Titanic; but,  I am saddened by the tragic ending. Above, is what I would have worn if I was one of those unlucky or lucky passengers (for the 700 that survived) making my way to America the Land of Dreams. These past weeks and few days, leading right up to the 100 year anniversary of the ships death, I have been reading all that the Internet has to offer on the story and watching specials like:Titanic Blood and Steel, Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron, Save the Titanic With Bob Ballard, and many other specials on T.V. especially the ones on National Geographic.

The first time I ever watched the very famous 1997 Movie Titanic by James Cameron, was when I was 8 years old and it had been 3 years since the movie had been released worldwide. Sadly at the time, I did not know much English and the movie had Greek subtitles; since my uncle gave us his copy of the movie. Nonetheless, I was captivated by the images, storyline, and most of all, I fell in love with Mr. Leo DiCaprio (and I was Ms. Rose Dawson in my 8 year old mind). I am so excited, that now I have read books, articles and watched everything possible on the story of the Titanic and I am proud to be in a world where we still remember those lives that were lost a century ago, and have the technology and power to keep the ship protected and see it remastered in a digital animated way. I cant wait to re-live the Titanic in 3D. My heart goes out to anyone reading this who lost a relative in the Titanic a century ago or who had a relative who survived. It was indeed a tragedy and shall be remembered for centuries to come. It just goes to show you that, Immigrants from any nation, rich or poor (like in the Titanic) will do anything, and risk everything to come to the land of freedom and opportunity just to see that beautiful image of Lady Liberty. For more info you can always Google Titanic and there is about a million things that will pop up. Or for a look at what it was like to be on the ship check this out: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/titanic/adventure-on-the-titanic/
Make my day and comment away. Stay sweet. Also when did you guys first watch the movie or read a book about Titanic leave answers below.

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