April 14, 2013

Movie Day Date

Movie Day Date

Movie Day Date by confectionarystyle featuring wrap scarves

 Like my title? I think I heard that in a movie or if I am not mistaken on The Hills. But I love the ring to it, when you say it fast and out loud (Movie Day Date).  

This outfit is perfect for spring or summer, especially at the movies. Why do you ask? Well, the shirt is long sleeved and that will keep you from getting chilly/cold, in an air conditioned movie theater, and the peplum on it, adds a fun and flirty vibe and curves. You can go on a coffee date or even a picnic afterwards. Because its so casual and comfy, a no fuss outfit is what I am all about. This is my kind of outfit, cute and comfy. 

I am all about the wedge and these cute polka dot ones are sure to get compliments. An infinity scarf adds that special touch and added warmth on those cool evenings, especially if you decided to go for a walk with your lovely date. And I am in love with the pants because you cant quite tell if its pants or a skirt, due to the pleats. Everyone loves a mystery right?

White Top with High Low Pleated Hem
$27 - chicnova.com
White Top with High Low Pleated Hem
So how do you like to dress up for a movie date? Do you prefer comfy and casual like me, or dress up and go all out? Let me know in the comments. 


  1. Love your picks for this! So fabulous.

    Glenna May

    1. Thank you. I am so happy you loved the overall look. Thanks for stopping by come again.

  2. Thank you. I am so happy you loved the overall look. Thanks for stopping by come again.


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