April 16, 2013


Hello, my savvy and fashionable blogging friends. I have a proposition for you all. 

Okay, okay, more like a huge, but very easy favor. In February, I entered a contest called The Next Face of Faviana, and so far I made it to Round 1 and Round 2. 
Round 1 Entry

Round 2 Entries

On April 10-12, I was in charge of Faviana's Stylist Instagram account. Since, everyone and their mother and sister and aunt (you get the point) has an Instagram account, I thought now would be the perfect time to get you my lovely readers and followers to help me get to Round 3. 

All you have to do is go to the following links bellow and like my style picks. Make sure you are signed in to your Instagram account (if you don't have one make one or pass this along to others). The more likes I get the better, and then I might get to Round 3. So what are you doing go, go, go and like away. Thanks a million, I really appreciate this. 

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  1. hello, thanks for your comments.i like sheinside to,but to be honest I prefer romwe because of the quallity and the prices,I often post on my blog if the offer something cool ,so stay updated,you may find something interesting. And now to your questions: yes it stopped snowing (thanks god haha)
    I'm using the canon 7D (100mm macro) and some other photos are taken with the canon 500D. and thanks for the comment about my hair.It's my natural color it just look sometimes lighter ;)

    I like the dress on the first picture


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