May 9, 2013

A dress is a Vase

A dress is a Vase

A dress is a Vase by confectionarystyle featuring evening clutches

 This look, is by far, my favorite thing ever. It is so beautiful and just elegant enough, to wear to a wedding or school dance. But, its still nice enough and not over the top dressy, to wear on a date, to a really nice expensive restaurant. I just love the color blue and green together, it just goes so well.

Style: S7014 is a designer gown from the Guest of Wedding collection

Style: S7014 is a designer gown 
I love this, one-shoulder dress by Faviana. The cobalt blue color, is amazing, like the heart of the ocean. The bejeweled middle, adds a very glamorous touch; you barely need any jewelry. 
I decided to make this look pop; with the accessories.
 I picked the sea shell clutch, since the blue in the dress reminds me of the ocean. 
A motorcycle jacket, to give it some edge and make it appropriate for a date or night out dancing. 
1928 JEWELRY 2028 Vintage Frame Emerald Bracelet
And then, the green shoes and bracelet, make it really pop and add an unexpected, yet very nice paring, to the overall look. 
"The dress is a vase which the body follows. My clothes are like modules in which bodies move". -Pierre Cardin

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