May 11, 2013

Red Carpet WOW

Red Carpet WOW

Red Carpet WOW by confectionarystyle featuring wet seal
For this look, I was inspired by the most famous awards in movie history. Of course, I am talking about, the one and only, OSCARS. Now, if you want to look like an Oscar winner and red carpet movie start, this is your look.

Style: 7139 is a designer gown from the Prom 2013 collection Style: 7139 is a designer gown
 This Faviana dress is beautiful on its own and the beading on the bust area and back is to die for. 
So, I kept everything else simple and matching, because red is such a great color. 

Red Claudia Canova Diamante Clasp Clutch Bag
£27 - Red Claudia Canova
 The clutch, complements the dress with the same hue and sparkle. 
Pink London Gold Glitter Peep Toe Wedges
£30 - Pink London Gold Glitter
I went for a wedge shoe, as the high heel has been used to death on the Red Carpet. A girl can still look fab; in a pair of sparkly peep toe wedges. Am I right ladies?

 OASIS Vintage Flower Stud Earrings
£10 - OASIS Vintage Flower Studs
15 Chain Bangle Set
$13 -
15 Chain Bangle Set 
And I went with simple, yet minimal jewelry, with the flower earrings and set of bangles. 
"Fashion is a play...make your lines memorable" - Sandy M

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  1. great outfit combination! The red dress is beautiful!

    NEW POST :)
    xoxo ♥


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