May 21, 2013

Color my World

Color my World

Color my World by confectionarystyle featuring strappy heels

I love this overall look. Bold colors are in, as usual. Especially, golds, sparkles, crimson, fuchsia, and hues of bright purple. Simple accessories are always the key to an elegant look. "Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind... a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static". Oleg Cassini

Bright Pink Rinalli Platform Sandals
£15 - Bright Pink Rinalli Platform Heels
 The colors present in this shoe are just lovely. Shoe heaven.

Sparkle Heart Hard Case Clutch Purse Evening Bag Certified Vegan
$40 - Sparkle Heart Hard Case Clutch
I just love this clutch. The color, the shape, and all that sparkly.

Sweet Romance Filigree Flower with Mesh Earrings
$42 - Sweet Romance Filigree Fan Earrings
I just love this Designers Jewlery, she always has some amazing stuff and classic pieces.

Monsoon Nique Ring
$20 -
Monsoon Nique Ring

Style: 6937 is a designer gown from the Prom 2013 collection Style: 6937 is a designer gown

As usual guys, let me know what you think.

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