May 28, 2013

Le Fave's: May 2013 Favorites

Hey everyone! How are all my followers and readers doing today? I hope your week is of to a good start. 

I cant believe that May is almost over. My god, we are already almost, half way through the year. I am excited; because next month is the official start of summer (and come on, who isn't excited about that) and its my B-Day month and my sisters. Can I get whoot, whoot.

Well today's post is going to consists of a favorites type of list. Everything from books, movies, music, etc. What I like, have been reading, you get the idea. So let's get this show on the road. 

Viva la Musica! (My top 5 song's, in no particular order, for this month).

This song is just so beautiful, and I like the calming effect of the melody. And I like the whole new direction PINK has taken. I have been a fan of hers since the days of I'm coming out so you better get this party started.

The beat to this song makes me want to shake my hips, because they don't lie. LOL. :) But we just cant help that Miss. Gomez is growing up. I love the new indie, techno pop, her music is going to.

There are no words, to describe how much me an my sister love this song. We love it so much that we are deciding who gets to use it for their first dance at our future weddings. This song is epic. If a love like Romeo and Juliet's/Jack and Rose had to have a soundtrack to it, this song would be it. Its pure perfection, and its 8 minutes of pure J.T. goodness. Cant get any better than that can we. 

This like the perfect summer jam. Hanging by the pool or having a bonfire by the beach with you friends from High School. It has the perfect mix of good old country music and nice beats of R&B its the perfect mash-up. Plus my first year in the USA I lived for 2 months in San Antonio, Texas, so I have a little country bug that has never left me.

A song about enjoying life, living in the moment, and about forgetting about the every day grind of life and stress. Plus Christina and Pit Bull makes for a great summer hit.

Movies (Top 5 in no particular order).

 This movie is just awesome. Its funny, beautiful and eye opening at the same time. You just cant help to dance and sing along to all the songs. 

Hilarious. Great cast, even better characters and story line. Reminds me of what my friends would do at my wedding. Its a feel good movie. 

Love this movie. Its like a how to manual on guys. Just what every girl needs, and the comedic one liners are awesome as well. See for your selves. 

I love Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in this movie. Their chemistry is impeccable and the storyline so touching, everyone can relate to at one time or another. You will cry for sure. 

Funny movie, about always the Bridesmaid never the Bride. I have been a Bridesmaid once, and it wasn't the best experience of my life. I have the dress that I had to pay $150 for and another $50 for alterations; do to me being the only short one in the bridal party. So I can relate a bit to this movie. 



"Do you know who I am? I shall tell you. I am Elizabeth, Princess of England, daughter of Henry VIII and his wife Anne Boleyn. I am eleven years old. My mother, once Queen, is now dead. Almost eight years ago, when I was not yet three, Father chopped off her head."
Basically this is a diary that chronicles Princess Elizabeth I life and upbringing. From the every day things, like playing in the gardens with her brother Edward, and even to the lavish parties thrown for things like Easter and Halloween. You get an insiders look into her young life as a Princess. I really love this kind of book, it really takes you back to another time, and it lets you live the life of a Royal, even though its through your imagination and the power of reading.

In The Voice of Knowledge, Miguel Ruiz reminds us of a profound and simple truth: The only way to end our emotional suffering and restore our joy in living is to stop believing in lies — mainly about ourselves. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, this breakthrough book shows us how to recover our faith in the truth and return to our own common sense. 
Basically this gives you a guide to living the best life, a life free of worry and regret, as natural and pure as the day you were born. I loved reading it, it was very insightful, although I don't agree with some-points, as it is hard to forgive and forget. 

So I hope you all liked this post, let me know what you think. What are your favorite books, movies, and music for this month?

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