May 27, 2013

White on White

White on White

White on White by confectionarystyle featuring forever 21

 The key to a monochromatic look, is to use different shades, textures and materials for that look; so that it does not become boring and stale. You do not want to be white bread now do you? 

Since this whole look is all white. I decided to make each item a different texture and style. That way the whole look is not boring. 

The bag is white, but the faux crock texture makes it unique and makes it pop as a statement piece. The skirt is sequins, therefore it will change in the light, so it wont necessarily look white, probably gray/silver. The shoes are a wedge and with a wooden platform, very casual and a totally different style from the overall outfit. The jacket is a motorcycle style with studs, so it adds a bit of interest and a certain vibe to the look. Which also makes this outfit appropriate for a date. The top is a peplum, so it adds to the shape and feel of the skirt and instant curves and class. And the jewelry pops with its gold accents, and its not another white matchy, matchy piece. 

River Island Cream v neck peplum top
£10 -
River Island Cream v neck peplum top

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and where would you wear this outfit to.

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