June 18, 2013

Bloglovin as Google Friend Connect Replacement / Alternative

Ohh hey guys. Now some of you may have already heard, that Google Reader is going away come July 1st. Adios, sajenara, buhhh bye baby. Now, for some of you that have been blogging for a while and love reading others blogs, this is devastating news; but don't fear Bloglovin is here. And its now easier, more than ever to follow your fave blogs and keep this love going. And its also a safe bet if GFC dies too. Booohooo. So I highly advise all of you to check out the post below I found from another blogger that explains the whole changes that need to take place from you before July 1st. 

I know I have made my changes already. Also if you look to the right side bar below my GFC there should be a link to my Bloglovin, click on it so that you can continue to be a follower for this blog of mine, that is if you still want to be friends. Hugs my lil cupcakes/muffins.

If you missed the drama today after Google announced its upcoming axing of Google Reader on July 1, I wonder where you have been?? With Google Reader going, there won’t be much point for Google Friend Connect (as the only thing it really does is adding the newly subbed blog to the Blogger Dashboard & Google Reader. This is another step in Google’s ploy to take over the world force the world onto their shoddy Google+ service.
But screw them I say!
Let’s go with BlogLovin as a Google Friend Connect Replacement instead!
Why? Because! Because 1stly they have an app for iOS (they are working on an Android app too) and 2ndly because their interface, both web and mobile and mobile app is just sleek and clean and they are a really helpful bunch too. And the best thing is that their service is free too! AND you can import the blogs you’re following on Google Reader / GFC to Bloglovin!

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