June 15, 2013

Get Inspired with MADE Fashion Week for Impulse - only at Macy’s

Get Inspired with MADE Fashion Week for Impulse - only at Macy’s

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I put a little something together here, for all you fashion lovers out there. Ever wondered, how you could possibly wear shorts for those hot summer months to work, but still look appropriate? 

Well now you can my pretties. All you have to do is pair it with chic, classic pieces, that elevate the shorts into the dressy level category. And you can easily do that by picking something like a Bermuda short--the length is still short enough to keep you cool--but long enough so you don't get yelled at by the boss for inappropriate work wear, Macy's has  a collection of them in every color of the rainbow. 

Then pear it in equally bright and complement inducing ankle strap wedges, the perfect work shoe I say. Then just add a blazer, some neutral bangles and an it bag, and you're ready to go my friend. Who says you can't look cute and like a bag of skittles in the summer. Umm Skittles, taste the rainbow.

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