June 21, 2013

Summer Loving

Summer Loving

White dress


Sleeveless top

Embroidered shorts

Ankle wrap flat

Julie Brown beach tote

Heart sunglasses

The perfect outfit for going to the beach. Think Miami or Cannes. I would so wear this to a nice tropical vacation, which I am in need of big time. I haven't gone on a good vacation in 4 years. Here's to you everyone who has great plans this summer and great tans. Also HAPPY FIRST OFFICAL DAY OF SUMMER Y'ALL.

June 19, 2013

An Amazing Blog Giveaway for Bloggers

Hey everyone. Today I have something really cool for you my fellow bloggers and its brought to you by some of the best bloggers, I have seen. Cheers for these ladies, and offering such a great opportunity for all of their fellow bloggers. Click on the little picture below to go straight to the giveaway. I here by present the blog advice Giveaway.

Have you been looking for blog advice but don't know where exactly you should be looking?
Are you a brand new blogger just starting out and find yourself needing some guidance?
Has blogging been a part of your life for a while but you'd like a little help in where to turn to next?
Do you simply just want to grow your blog?

Well then you've come to the right place my friend because this giveaway has your name written all over it!
Erin rounded up a group of ladies who have been around the ballpark a time or two when it comes to blogging in order to put this one of a kind giveaway together. We all have some tips, tricks, advice, and guidance that we'd love to shell out in order to help you grow into the best blogger you can be. Whether this be through a Skype session, a back and forth email exchange, a blog critique, a Q&A session, a phone call, a personal jet to pick you up for a private meeting, etc - we're covering all the bases.
All you need to do to enter is check out the participating bloggers, see what awesome package they're offering as a prize, and get to entering the Rafflecopter. And the best part about this giveaway?
Each randomly selected winner will be paired up with three of the participating bloggers as well as with Erin.

What's The Best Comment System For A Blog?

Hey, hey, everyone. How you all doing today? I am fine, thanks for asking, but sweating like a PIG. So hot over here where I live, its like in the 90's; I think 34 C.

Well anyways. With GFC and Google Reader, on its way out the window in a couple of weeks, I thought I would make some much needed changes on the blog, and you should to; if you want to continue blogging for years to come, whether for fun or business. I got to thinking, that if by some unlucky fate GFC does leave, how will we all comment on each others blogs, since you would need to log in and all that good stuff. And then I looked into the Google + comments, but I did not like that for starts you use your name. I personally don't want to comment on every single blog ever, with my full name and last name and I think neither do my followers. So that went straight out the window.

Then I realized that a lot of the popular blogs (I am talking about the big ones here guys), use Disqus. Now this is really great because this third party commenting system lets people comment via Twitter, Facebook, Google, or as a guest. You can create an account as a moderator, which is good if you have your own blog. Or if you don't blog but read blogs and would like to comment you can make a commenter account. Now I think this is kind of cool. And for all you bloggers out there that want to make some Money it has a monetization feature, which I think is pretty cool, although I don't need that for the moment. Also you can always delete Disqus if you end up not liking it, and you can go to the old way of commenting.  

I found this great blog post from another blogger which is linked below, it explains all the pro's and con's of all the commenting systems out there, if you need more convincing. So if you look at my comments section it now has changed to Disqus so I hope you like it that way.

June 18, 2013

Bloglovin as Google Friend Connect Replacement / Alternative

Ohh hey guys. Now some of you may have already heard, that Google Reader is going away come July 1st. Adios, sajenara, buhhh bye baby. Now, for some of you that have been blogging for a while and love reading others blogs, this is devastating news; but don't fear Bloglovin is here. And its now easier, more than ever to follow your fave blogs and keep this love going. And its also a safe bet if GFC dies too. Booohooo. So I highly advise all of you to check out the post below I found from another blogger that explains the whole changes that need to take place from you before July 1st. 

I know I have made my changes already. Also if you look to the right side bar below my GFC there should be a link to my Bloglovin, click on it so that you can continue to be a follower for this blog of mine, that is if you still want to be friends. Hugs my lil cupcakes/muffins.

If you missed the drama today after Google announced its upcoming axing of Google Reader on July 1, I wonder where you have been?? With Google Reader going, there won’t be much point for Google Friend Connect (as the only thing it really does is adding the newly subbed blog to the Blogger Dashboard & Google Reader. This is another step in Google’s ploy to take over the world force the world onto their shoddy Google+ service.
But screw them I say!
Let’s go with BlogLovin as a Google Friend Connect Replacement instead!
Why? Because! Because 1stly they have an app for iOS (they are working on an Android app too) and 2ndly because their interface, both web and mobile and mobile app is just sleek and clean and they are a really helpful bunch too. And the best thing is that their service is free too! AND you can import the blogs you’re following on Google Reader / GFC to Bloglovin!

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