January 25, 2013

Downtown Muse Look: My Everyday Style

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Wallis cotton sweater

Old Navy jean jacket

NYDJ bootcut jeans

Wedge heels

Vintage handbag

J Crew j crew

If you ever wanted to know, how I dress like on a day to day basis, than this my blog friends and readers, is it. On a typical day to day basis, whether it for classes on campus or going shopping with my parents; this is something I would pick and put together. A jean jacket, is my staple, even in the winter. Although I would wear a coat or parka on top of it, if it was really, really, cold outside. As far as pants, I like the boot cut kind, as I feel they are less constricting than skinnies and therefore more comfortable. And I am all about the COMFORT. 
Lastly, I like carrying big bags. Ever since Senior year of High School, they have been my backpack of choice. And last but not least, the shoes. I usually wear sneakers or flats, but sometimes, I spice up my outfit with a nice comfortable wedge. Which give me, just enough height, but are still comfortable to walk around, from class to class. I usually reserve my heels for special occasions. Well hope everyone is having a nice weekend. TGIF.

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