April 24, 2013

Faberge Egg

Faberge Egg

Faberge Egg by confectionarystyle featuring ankle wrap sandals
 My inspiration for this set was the classic yet ohh so fantastic Faberge egg. The beauty that is found in this egg: the rich colors, pearls, gold, you name it, the silk inside.
Style: S7156 is a designer gown from the Ashley Benson collection
kudiya.com Style: S7156 is a designer gown
I think this dress from Faviana's Prom Collection worn by Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars and Days of Our Lives and Bring It On Fame; brings the beauty of the Faberge egg in one whole piece. The light blue of this dress, that can only be found in the Caribbean Beaches is just perfect for Spring or Summer. And the detail with the beading and rhinestones, brings this dress to a whole new level. You don't even need jewelry. You will be the shinning jewel at the ball.
 Chain-Strap Studs Quilted Cross Bag Pink - One Size
$32 - yesstyle.com Chain-Strap Studs Quilted
Since, the dress is beautiful on its own, I decided to add subtle color in the blush pink bag; in a classic Chanel quilted pattern. 
Mia Jeana
$49 - piperlime.gap.com
Mia Jeana 
And the nude open toe shoes will have you dancing on air.
 Knitted Knitting Bridal Ruffle Bolero with Crystal Pearls Beaded Lace 3/4 sleeve Wedding Wrap Capelet Ivory
$95 - etsy.com Knitted Knitting Bridal Ruffle Shrug 
Then I added a little cute shrug, since its still a bit chilly outside during the first months of Spring.

So I hope you like my style picks.

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