April 22, 2013

Wild Thang

Wild Thing, You make my heart sing. I decided for this look to go with the sexy wild animal and a bit tribal. For the makeup I went with a black smokey eye with a little cat look to it. Who doesn't look great in a cat eye, smokey eye. For the tribal part I went with the arrow ring; a throwback to caveman era. And the jade earrings in a very organic shape, that could represent rock found in a river. For the hair a nice braid up do is perfect for Spring and complements this dress very well. The cheetah print shoes complement the hint of cheetah in the dress. This dress has a combination of early spring colors of robins egg blue and mint green along with hints of brown and gold that are naturally found in nature. Love it.

JustFab Kitty - Cheetah
$55 - heels.com
JustFab Kitty - Cheetah
I think you guys know, how much I love anything Cheetah print by now. So its no surprise I put a cheetah print shoe with a cheetah print prom dress.
No Prom look would be complete without a clutch, it helps keep all your make-up products ready and at hand for any fashion/beauty emergencies.
I am in love with these earrings, totaly want them.
So I hope you liked this look and as usual leave your thoughts in the comments.

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