April 18, 2013

The Shorts Story: Floral Shorts A Hot Spring Trend

Floral Shorts

Floral Shorts by confectionarystyle featuring wet seal jewelry

Of the many Spring 2013 trends this year (pastels, mint green, coral, bright prints, etc), by far my absolute favorite, has to be floral print pants, especially floral shorts. 

FYI, I would like to note, that I was on this trend; way before it became fashionable, circa late 90's early 2000's. I also was ahead of my time, with the cheetah print, high-low hemlines, and bright colored skinnies, way before they became the IT Trend; like 8+ years ago. With that said lets get to the details of this post. 

Since, florals is one of the hottest prints this Spring, I decided to put it together in a fun scalloped short. I decided to make it pop with the shoes and bracelet. To keep it casual and easy breezy, I went with a tank and denim jacket.
Anyone else miss MTV? I mean the channel still exists, but the old school MTV & TRL none of this Reality TV MTV. This channel was my go to, when I was in Middle School, right when I came home from a long days of school work. :) I love that with this tank you can still keep it close to your heart.
I love jean jackets, they are the perfect outerwear for Spring, Summer and early Fall. They are light enough, to not make you feel hot; but still have enough fabric if you feel a sudden breeze, which is typical on Spring and Summer nights. 
One word: Love these shorts. Okay that was more like 3, but you get the idea. 
Love the color of these wedges, not only do they pull the hint of blue from the shorts out, but they are bright enough to cheer you up and make a statement at the same time. 
Beautiful cuff bracelet. I would go for something like this, I think I have something like this. 
Well as usual, tale care and don't be strangers. Don't be shy please say hi.

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